Our own religous fundy politician..

The Australian reports on Labor MP Bidgood.

“I believe there is God’s justice in action in what is going on here.
We haven’t seen the end of it. The ultimate conclusion is like I say,
we look at Bible prophecy, we are going towards a one world bank and a
one world monetary system. And if you believe the word of God and you
read Revelations…you will see clearly what is being spelt out. We are
in the end times.”

“What would Jesus do?” Let’s for a moment assume there is a Jesus who is rational…
Perhaps consider resigning and getting some therapy until you sort your head out?

And just to prove his judgement is dubious, this is the same guy who it is alleged “first reaction when someone is threatening to take their own life is to
take a photo and then to try and sell it to a news organisation”.
He had to recant his actions later in parliament.
Mr Bidgood last night said he “deeply regretted” his actions and
apologised for any offence he had caused: “My actions were highly
insensitive and inappopriate, and I am tonight writing a letter of
apology to the family involved.”

Is this really the sort of person who should be in parliament, a place with a requirement for good judgement?

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3 Comments on “Our own religous fundy politician..”

  1. Gerard C Yates says:

    To think I nearly volunteered to get this guy elected. What have we done bringing such muddleheads into our parliament? Do we have to put up with such fundamental nonsense until the next election?

  2. AndyD says:

    I know we tend to follow America in everything, eventually, but it surely isn’t compulsory.

    Why do people like Bidgood bother? With anything? If it was all prophecised thousands of years ago, what makes them think they have the power to change anything whether by prayer or politics? Are they better than God? They might just as well just sit and stare and await the rapture or Armageddon or whatever weird thing it is they believe in.

  3. Brian Menzies says:

    Ah good, I was afraid we were missing out. At least we now know who he is so we can avoid voting him in again.

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