Guglielmucci and a reality based world…

I was watching the trainwreck of Guglielmucci’s life unfold tonight on the news. Here are some of the stories behind this, here, here and here. A minister from Hillsong appeared on TV and was being interviewed, usual stuff about how suprised he was, how no-one saw it coming and hows he’s a sinner etc. etc. He also mention no-one ever questioned the story of the cancer.

And this is the problem with living a faith based life. It is difficult to question anything because as soon as you start to question where do you stop? So people are brought up on trust without basis, faith that elders can do no wrong, faith that what you are being told is true. It’s all faith. And that’s the difference between science and reality versus religion. Religion works best in a reality free environment.

“They have said to me that he is very ill. They are assessing where reality stopped and fantasy kicked in and what’s caused all this,” he said.

I’ll hazard a guess where the answer lies and sure enough, a few lines above we have…

“.. He was raised in a Christian home; we’ve never brought that stuff into our home.”

The kid was raised in religous household. This is where adults tell children fairy stories, just like any other household, except that they then say some of these stories are real. And they take their children along to churches where other adults tell the same fairy stories and they are basically brainwashed not to question what they are told. It’s at this stage that the fantasy has kicked in because if the easter bunny isn’t real but an invisible sky fairy is, then we are well on the way to fantasy land.

Now before I get accused of taring all Christians with the same brush, I’ll jump in and say “Yep!”.

You simply can’t have your cake and eat it too. If your going to be honest about reality you can’t pick and choose which facts to believe and which to ignore. And in the case of the pentacostal like churches the sort of people who inhabit these groups seem all too willing to believe. I watched the crap they stream out, the youth groups and the reality adverse advise of sex, drugs and life in general. The followers all suck it in. Its link to any reality based on actual humans or research? Sadly lacking.

In the same way they lap up the fantasy from their preachers they lapped up the fantasy from Michael Guglielmucci. Why would they ever question one of their own? They are not encouraged to question, not encouraged to seek evidence for a belief. And already the post-hoc justification and rationisations have come out, it was the porn that did it. I’m barely waiting for the claim that satan or some other fantasy character was involved in blinding people to the truth.

Checking out the blogs from a few years ago is ‘interesting’. Here’s a typical one about when he was diagnosed.

when i heard he was sick, i laughed… not because i am happy he is sick, but because while he was at our church he was healed of:

Glandular Fever
Blood Clot in his brain
Brain Tumor
Burst Ear Drum

God is so going to get the glory for this one… just like the other ones. But keep praying!

Well, god has got his glory for this one.

I’ll leave the final words to Michael himself, from his hit single, which pretty much sums up this little train wreck and what has caused it. Belief in a sky fairy does not trump reality. Reality is something to ignore at your peril, and reality is best understood by asking questions.

I believe you are more than enough for me
Jesus you are all I need


2 Comments on “Guglielmucci and a reality based world…”

  1. Amanda says:

    I don’t know that the issue is that no one questioned the cancer itself — if someone tells me they have cancer I don’t immediately ask to see the scans myself. It is odd he could pull it off for so long around family but for ordinary parishoners and colleagues, better critical thinking may not have helped them not be fooled.

    The bit that doies get me those is the immediate blaming of pornography. How does an addiction to pornography, if such a thing even existed in this case, lead one to such deception? The Devil moves in mysterious ways for sure! Sounds like utterly desperate avoidance of personal responsibility to me.

  2. Milnestreet says:

    I think it’s a case of plain and simple abuse of power, and Religion unfortunatly is based on the fear of the unknown. So it is easier to get away with deception.
    I just think it sad that some people need the fantasy of religion so much in their lives.

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