The Joker in a Tarot card?

After lasts weeks entry for the Skeptics Circle, many days after, my Tarot card set arrived. Even though it wasn’t any use for the article I had wanted a set just to get familiar with some of the ideas in Tarot and how it is used. As such I was after a nice set of cards so they were at least worth something in an artistic way. I had stumbled on an Art Nouveau themed deck and I was pleasantly suprised by the look of cards which was by Antonella Castelli. All quite attractive until I flicked through to card 15, “The Devil”. Below is what I saw..

I think most people who have seen “The Dark Knight” will instantly recognise the face and pose..

Spooky Mulder…

Anyway, many thanks to the people who read the post and especially those who linked to it. On that day we had more viewings than we usually get in a month.