Car that runs on water – pseudoscience woo courtesy of Reuters

“it only sounds like it’s too good to be true”…

That would be because it is you friggin morons at Reuters. Yet another traditional media output shows it’s lack of scientifically educated reporters.  Here is the link via the clueless Sydney Morning Herald website.

The claim is that the system delivers hydrogen forever if you just add water. IMHO “forever” is about as long as whatever is reacting with the water remains. The simple fact is that water is already a burnt’s oxidized hydrogen and unless you are going convert something like aluminum and water into hydrogen and aluminum oxide then I’m afraid that hydrogen in the water is going to stay firmly attached to that oxygen.

However, why is this sort of rubbish being hocked on mainstream media? Have they really given up any sort of critical treatment of stories in search of the dollar?

What the suppliers of this system are proposing is this:

water + “nothing” -> hydogen + ???

hydrogen + oxygen -> water + energy to move car (this is the burning of the hydrogen in the engine)

Now if we take the oxygen from the air for free this can be simplified to:

hydrogen -> hydrogen + energy to move car

Nicely breaking the law for the conservation of energy.


However the way the media is reporting this is:

water (+large amount of BS) – > energy to move the car  (+larger amount of BS)

People who invest in this sort of crap deserve to loose their money and then slowly starve to death. They’ll be nicely improving our gene pool and increasing the planets average IQ by doing so. I could swear the last time I looked it was 2008…what’s with this sort of bogus woo??