When ‘helping’ really hurts..

Mercy Ministries is a Christian evangelical group with the aim of helping young women with various problems and issues. From their website we have “As our program is based on Christian principles the young women in the program are involved in a local church and attend other Christian based activities during the week. When living at Mercy Ministries young women are required to participate in all aspects of the program.”
However all is apparently not so rosy. From the ABC today we have claims of incorrect treatment and using “medically unproven techniques”. Many of the girls involved have psychological problem from ranging from depression, eating disorders, self-harm and worse. And into this fray steps a pile of do-gooders who believe in make believe gods and invisible beings such as demons. Why anyone who is already deluded can think they could help others by introducing religion into their lives is beyond me. Considering that the aim of psychological help is to help people live in society in an integrated manner it is strange that this group has restrictions that prevent finishing schooling, working or even attending their own church.
It is ironic that we find ourselves in the 21st century and we are having to fight to get evidence based medicine as the norm. If you want to believe in irrational woo then go for it, providing you don’t harm other people. However in the case of people with psychological illnesses I really can’t see why throwing a pile of religion into the cure is anything but cruel and abusive, especially if you start making claims that young girls are possessed by demons or other such bullshit. You’re deluding yourselves thinking it helps the situation when there are much better solutions.

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