Antisnor ring bullshit?

Yet more BS to pollute the minds?

Seen in a local newspaper is a large add for a silver ring you wear on your little pinkie and it is claimed to stop snoring.  It’s evidence for efficacy are some anecdotes, of the type where more of them does not equal a fact. Of course there is no scientific evidence for it working but hey, why let facts get in the way of a miracle cure? The best “evidence” is a TV show called “Deal or Dud” in the US where 3 couples tested the ring, with the expected great results.

Here’s the link for how it is claimed to work. That’s right, “Chinese medicine”, acupuncture pressure points and the flow of magical unmeasurable “energy”. All of which have a long history, many thousands of years, of being BS.
Of course any proper test would involving a blind test, say with the lumps ground off and the ring covered in tape so the subject hopefully doesn’t know.  And there would be a lot more than 3 people, the ways of quantifying the amount of snoring would be independently verified etc. etc. However don’t hold you breath waiting for this sort of testing, like most health quackery, I’ll predict they will shy away from serious tests.

It would be wise for them to invest some of their not so hard earned profits into brushing up on section 52 and 53 of the Trade Practices Act.

For those of us not pushing such scams it’s good to know that the ACCC has quite a website these days.  It’s called scamwatch and can be found at:

On this site is also an online form for filling out complaints which conveniently includes a section for “Health & medical (including weight-loss, miracle cures)”


12 Comments on “Antisnor ring bullshit?”

  1. Lisa Bell says:

    It happens to work. I sleep like a baby next to my husband who snored me out of the room before he started to wear the ring.

  2. skepticssa says:

    Oh dear..
    For your education please use the web to find out what the terms “scientific method” and “placebo” mean.
    Many, many minor medical issues respond to the placebo effect and snoring is no exception.
    The problem with one-off anecdotes is that the test has not tested the reverse condition “does the snorer resume snoring when the ring is removed”? Unfortunately this needs to be done without the wearer knowing. However in this case it is the specific bumps on the inside which are claimed to cause the effect.
    There is also no control of any other changes or the fact that there may be other reasons (variables) that have may also changed, diet, exercise, bedding, pillows,different sleepign posture, etc.
    To test this claim properly you would need to have two rings , one that claims to do something and one that doesn’t. The user would need to wear one or the other for say a week at a time without knowing which is which, easier said than done. A real test would involve this procedure on many, many people.
    Lisa, your statement should have read “When I tried it the snoring stopped but I don’t know if the ring was the reason”…because you don’t.
    EDIT: It is also interesting that Lisa happens to live in the same city (Boulder) as another Lisa Bell (303-527-0203) who happens to promote this product?

    • John Woodley. says:

      Just as a matter of interest, the Anrisnor ring has recently had a medically controlled clinical trial where it achieved better than a 70% success rate. There is a strong correlation between acupressure points and sites of a multi layered and complex nervous system.Recent medical research has developed a procedure which proves stimulation of nerves does activate muscles which control upper airway patency.In human anatomy. The Ulnar nerve is the largest nerve derived from the medial cord of the Bracial Plexus and is the most unprotected and vulnerable in the body, easily activated by pressure and terminates in the little finger and belongs to the Somatic Peripheral nervous system, which in turn relays information to the Central Nervous System via the Vagus Nerve, whose branches are nerves that control the muscles of the airways.

      • skepticKC says:

        Are you the John Woodley from the article in USA Today in which says: “John Woodley, 37, a jeweler from Australia, created the ring in an attempt to find pain relief.”? The medically controlled clinical tests you talk about, are these the tests that are mentioned on the Antisnor ring promotion sites and that refer to the french Proclaim website? Proclaim only performs safety tests of cosmetics and nutrition products. They never heard of the Antisnor ring they say. I searched the tests databases and the internet, but I cannot find any paper of the clinial test that you mention. I cannot find even any paper about clinical trials with the Antisnor ring. The things you mention about the nerves running to the little finger can be found on Wikipedia or any other site that explains where neves run to. The connection to the Nervus vagus is really very far fetched. This line of arguing makes it possible to link the little finger (or any body part) to any desease or pain in any part of the body.

  3. […] evidence for it working but hey, why let facts get in the way of a miracle cure?… source: Antisnor ring bullshit?, City of […]

  4. My fellow on Orkut shared this link and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came here.

  5. Yes! Finally something about snoring.

  6. Peter Letts says:

    My wife and I share a ring. When she wakes me with her snoring I put the ring on her finger and her snoring subsides to a point where I can get back to sleep. Being a woman she wakes me up when I’m snoring and TELLS ME to put the ring on and she is then able to get back to sleep as apparently my snoring subsides. We should get 2 rings but so far we haven’t woken each other up at the same time. I think you’re criticising because you’re too ignorant to understand that there are other things besides drugs or surgery that are capable of having an effect on our bodies.

    • skepticssa says:

      My comments are not based on ignorance FYI. Because it’s not up to me to prove or disprove the claims of this device. That responsibility belongs to those making the claims. To date they have not done that nor have their claims reproduced by an independent organisation.
      With regard to your own anecdote, how would you know what you think happens at night is what actually happens? You claim that your wifes snoring subsides and then you can go back to sleep. Here’s another explanation: You fall back to sleep normally, just like most people do throughout the night and you think her snoring subsided. But it didn’t. I would suggest you both go to professionals and get your sleep apnoea addressed and measured.

      • TJ says:

        Hahaaa.i dont usually like obnoxious people…..but your ok.the best clinical way,i found to stop my lady snoreing,was to kick her ass out to the spare room….problem solved.

  7. peter letts says:

    I most certainly don’t have sleep apnea, nor does my wife. I really can’t comprehend what a horrible existence your’s must be to sit in judgement of whatever you perceive to be a scam. I believe your comments are based on ignorance. If you had never eaten chocolate, how could you comment on what it tastes like? If you really want to prove this ring doesn’t work why don’t you buy one (they don’t cost much) or even ask the manufacturer to supply you one to do your own test. They’d probably give you one just to shut you up. Of course that would only be one person so that doesn’t prove anything, except that you might just become a happy customer.

  8. zytheran says:

    As a scientist it is not up to me to prove the product does not work. It is up to the supplier to prove that they do.
    They (or would that be you?) can’t do that because there is zero scientific evidence it works.
    Furthermore there is no known reason for it to work because we actually know a whole lot about why people snore and none of those reasons can be cured by a ring on a finger.
    Now if you are the same Peter Letts who is promoting this bullshit on YouTube it might well be time for a complaint to ACCC to complain about your false advertising.
    The person here who has the horrible existence is the person who is perpetrating this fraud on gullible customers.

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