Fixing broken things

A fantastic article in the Guardian about an underground “cultural guerilla” movement known as the Untergunther. Their purpose is to restore France’s cultural heritage and they have made the news with a fantastic job of restoring a clock that had been left in neglect. And not just any clock but one in the Panthéon in Paris. Here is a case where rationality has failed and other means have been used to generate a good outcome, even if it can be claimed they acted illegally. This reminds me of Guerilla Gardening from the interesting website Web Urbanist.

This sort of work, the work of the underdog, can make good social comment and raise awareness of some of the things we have let slip over the years. Reminds me of Banksy, there’s no link, I’m encouraging you to explore the web for this artists work.

Sometimes the traditional and rational way of doing things doesn’t work, especially if you are a minority. Something skeptics shouldn’t forget.


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