Blog title change..

This might be a good idea or a bad idea or maybe something in between however an idea I have no influence over is the idea of Adelaide being a “City of Churches”. Maybe, possibly, perhaps this implies a city full of Christians and I’m sure there are lots out there. (BTW, we know who you are and where you live)

And I’m sure that some people are happy that Adelaide is known as the city of churches. However a great deal of us are not Christians and apart from thinking this is a bit old fashioned and quaint would rather not be associated with a city of churches. A city of rational people maybe, a city of thoughtful people definitely and a City of Arts  for sure.

I am also sure that some people people will be offended by what they think this blog title now suggests. If so, tough luck and get over it, we are not really a city full of churches either let alone a city full of religious people.


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