Dodgy Cancer Cures

Today’s local Advertiser newspaper has an article regarding dodgy cancer cures.

Regardless of what camp health care claims to hail from, western or otherwise, evidence based criteria should be the only acceptable method of determining a health products efficacy. For decades the skeptical movement has been fighting against quackery in the alternative health care industry and it appears that only when there is death or suffering caused by these dubious products that any attention is paid to them. Exploiting dying people is as low as it gets and in this day and age there is no excuse for not knowing how poorly these products perform when tested. And before the woowoo merchants rally behind the cry of ‘the blinkered approach western doctors’ etc. etc., how about explaining how the scientific method works (just to show you are not totally ignorant) and then why it shouldn’t be applied to all pseudo-medical claims?
As one person has commented lets promote critical thinking in schools and furthermore lets encourage all people, especially the media, to be critical of such faith based claims before harm is done.

Encouraging people to drop their normal cancer medicines and promoting remedies such as ozone therapy are tantamount to manslaughter IMHO and the people involved need to have criminal action brought against them. If a ‘western’ doctor does something as amazingly negligent as this they would end up in jail however our society seems to have a soft spot for alternative medical criminals. We allow all sorts of woowoo merchants to sell their wares to the extant you can claim various natural therapies from your medical insurance providers even though these therapies have zero empirical support. They simply don’t work and are a waste of perfectly good money. If people have a issue with money to burn then at least give it to charity where some good can come of it.


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