The Golden Compass

It would appear that the catholic church in the USA is getting it’s knickers in a twist over a movie soon out called “The Golden Compass“. It is based on the first book of a trilogy called “His Dark Materials” by the English author Philip Pullman. Philip has been described as the most dangerous author in England. To quote from the catholic league “It is his objective to bash Christianity and promote atheism. To kids.”

Excellent. More please, if that’s the case.

Evidently it is perfectly OK to brainwash children with bizarre religious beliefs but not OK for those who think this is stupid and dangerous to have their say too? Now this is the catholic church of old, maybe we can look forward to burning a few authors at the stake or threatening to kill people for their beliefs.

In the authors defence it needs to be pointed out that the movie has been watered down to not directly attack the catholic church but a general attack on all organised religions. It’s due out in December on Boxing Day, 3 weeks after the release in the US of A. The producers were so concerned that an anti-religion movie would flop in the states they removed specific references to the catholic church or any specific church. Oh well, at least some movie is better than none so we should be happy it’s made the cinemas.

Keep your eyes open for a concerted rant from the noisy religious types who see free speech as some sort of personal attack against their myth based gods.

As mid-winters day and it’s associated perverted celebrations are approaching it’s good to know local bookstores have this award winning series of books in stock. ISBN: 043995178X for the first one in the series. As Molly Meldrum would say, “Do yourself a favour”, a go out and buy it for yourself, your nieces and nephews. And then take them to the movie on Boxing Day.


4 Comments on “The Golden Compass”

  1. Jack says:

    Explain your reasoning behind, “bizarre religious beliefs”.

  2. skepticssa says:

    “bizarre” means odd or peculiar.
    Considering the advances in science over the last 200 years it is bizarre and odd, to say the least, in the persistence of beliefs based purely on faith when there is no rational evidence for those beliefs to be true.
    It is irrational to continue with a set of beliefs when there is no evidence to support those beliefs. It’s the unwillingness to change belief systems when new evidence comes to light that is bizarre and religion is a prime example of dogmatic doctrine.
    As for details as to what’s so bizarre about the Catholic Church I’m not going to feed the trolls on this one. Lets just it starts with “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth..” and it goes rapidly downhill from there.

  3. Alex says:

    You say, “Evidently it is perfectly OK to brainwash children with bizarre religious beliefs but not OK for those who think this is stupid and dangerous to have their say too?” It’s not that atheist movie writers shouldn’t be allowed to have their say, but they should say up front what the message is in their movie, which Pullman does not do. Christian movie writers make it well known that a movie is a Christian-based movie and therefore athiest parents know right away what type of movie they are taking their children too and can avoid them. Why is Pullman being so sneaky about it? It’s because he is targeting the Christian children in the hopes that their parents won’t know what type of movie they are walking into. Think again … who is trying to do the brainwashing here?

  4. skepticssa says:

    I’ve thought about it again and yes, it’s the religous people who are doing the brainwashing. The atheists are the ones saying don’t put these crazy ideas into kids minds. Pullman wrote the book and isn’t at all sneaky about his views. The movie makers watered the story down because they didn’t want to loose sales in the christian USA.

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